Prepare your portions!!! How much should you go for?

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Serving Size Equivalent: Light Bulb
No Thanksgiving’s complete without some silky-smooth pumpkin pie. But that portion shouldn’t cover the whole plate. Opting for just a light bulb-sized slice is a brighter idea, with about 50% of the daily vitamin A recommended daily, plus some vitamin K, calcium, and iron to boot. The downside: a slice this small still racks up about 160 calories, 13 grams of sugar, and 7 grams of fat.


Serving Size Equivalent: Bar of Soap
The name pretty much says it all with this carb-heavy dish. While there are plenty of stuffing recipes low in fat and cholesterol, 20 grams of carbs for every 28-gram serving is nothing to be thankful for. Oh right, it’s delicious, though… For a more guilt-free version of the good stuff, try opting for a whole wheat version packed with healthy seasonal veggies instead.


Serving Size Equivalent: Deck of Cards 
Twelve-pound turkey for two? Turns out that big bird could (and should!) feed more than just a Kate Plus Eight-size family. Opt instead for a 4-ounce portion of the lean meat, which can pack up to 32 grams of protein (more than half of what’s recommended daily). More active than most? Go ahead and carve up some seconds, just opt for skinless meat to keep it nice n’ lean.

Find out more on your other favorite dishes at "This is One Serving: Thanksgiving Favorites" by The Greatist
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